Olympia Marble – The Best Grave Monuments In Sydney 

When someone crafts a beautiful monument, they create a memorial motif that would last forever. We at Olympia Marble are one of the biggest providers of monuments and related accessories in Sydney. The following are some outstanding features of our services:

  • We are a family-operated and owned memorial business    
  • Over the years, we have created a great reputation for the levels of flexibility and diligence we have shown in our business
  • We also have three decades of experience in the industry – this helps us create some of the most impressive grave monuments in the business
  • We understand what our clients want from us and we have a thorough understanding of grave memorials to achieve this.

Why Should Our Clients Work With Us?

Our staff have a personal approach and a finely honed dedication to their craft. Clients can also always expect these promises from our services:

  • We follow a definite process for building a monument for graves
  • We always offer high-quality and personalised service in this regard
  • We have detailed knowledge of monumental masonry and competitive prices
  • These factors have made us the number one name for grave monuments in Sydney
  • We can provide our clients full creative freedom with the monuments that we craft 

Our clients can always get in touch with us for free quotes on memorials for graves.

What Do We Offer To Our Clients?

We offer an array of products for our clients, such as:

  • full monuments
  • accessories
  • lawn monuments
  • renovations
  • re-lettering of headstones

We also let our clients design their monuments. They can always visit our website to customise designs for their monuments for graves. We allow them to be as flexible as they wish to be. Over the years, a lot of our clients have asked us to provide this feature, which has pushed us to provide this service, so they can have the gravesite monuments they want.

We help Our Clients Offer The Ultimate Tribute To Their Dearly Departed

Our monument stonemasons are some of the finest craftspeople in Australia that carry a great amount of detail in their work, and as such:

  • We can build and design the best cemetery memorial that our clients may have ever seen
  • We build gravestones for clients from all around the city, and many people in the region know us as well
  • The cemetery trusts in the city know us pretty well too – so, they often contact us for these services

To date, we have worked on numerous grave stone projects, including war memorials too.

Certain Noticeable Features Of Our Work

The following are some reasons our clients prefer to work with us for these memorials:

  • We have experience in designing and creating memorials for children 
  • We can cater to all classes of Christian burials focusing especially on Orthodox clients
  • We can work with Asian and Jewish clients
  • We offer our clients a wide range of colours and inscription styles to choose from
  • We offer frames and photo ceramics as well
  • We offer the cheapest grave stone prices

Employing The Latest Technological Advances For Efficiency And Precision

As a renowned stonemason, we have adapted with the latest advancements and techniques to always ensure that our products remain on top of the line. We have full artillery of three utes, six trucks, spider cranes, excavators, specialised printers, sandblasting equipment, mobile and hand tools and more behind us, that allows us to take on and perform the work we do with excellence. Our constant investment in innovation and cutting-edge facilities ensures high quality and refinement in our products. As a momentously significant piece, carved in material as long lasting as stone, its important to get the work done right. At Olympia Marble, you need to worry about having to get the work done twice, with our talented craftspeople, technology and techniques.

What Three Decades of Service Means

We started this company with the love of the masterpieces that can be created with stone. Today we have found and grown a strong team with other likeminded individuals dedicated to crafting strong and beautiful pieces that commemorate the memory of lost loved ones.

  • We regularly invest into the purchase and training of new technology and techniques
  • Many of our staff have stayed in and grown with our company for more than over 10 years
  • We can create monuments from a wide variety of beautiful natural and engineered stone, as well as other materials like glass.

We are the leading stonemasons for monuments and gravestones in Sydney, and this standing can be seen most clearly from the fine quality of our work. We would like to invite you to contact us or to visit our office in Marrickville to take a closer look at the completed work of our proficient stonemasons.