What is a full grave memorial made of?

Full grave memorials such as gravestones are normally placed over the entire grave as such. They normally have kerbing surrounds. A base stone that is over the kerbs at the head of. This is done so that headstones can be provided with the best possible support. In most cases, these covers are built entirely from granite slabs. They cover the middle of the grave as well. 

The entire structure is built on a concrete foundation. 

Designing and creating beautiful memorials

You can be sure that as far as creating and designing headstones for graves, we make the most respectful and beautiful memorials. We know how precious your family members and loved ones are. Through our headstones for graves,we try and make sure that you can honour their memory the best. We know and understand the fact that you want to hold onto the memories of your loved ones and that too in the most special way possible.

Experience matters

We have 3 decades of experience when it comes to designing marble headstones. This is why you can be confident that when it comes to memorials and monuments, we are the best in the business. As a professional service provider, we are immensely committed and dedicated. Our record of grateful customers demonstrates our solid reputation in this industry.

Giving you all that you want

Do you want a marble headstone for your dearly departed? Do you want a granite monument that has been specially crafted for you, with ornate designs?  Do you want a simple plaque or headstone to honour the memory of your loved ones? No matter what you want you can be sure that you will get that from us. After all, we are the most trusted and reliable company that supplies gravesite memorials in the region – including marble headstones for graves in Sydney and nearby areas. You can trust us to provide you all the services that you need for your memorial starting from design and ending with installation. We offer you the best marble headstones for graves in the capital city of New South Wales. You can always consult with us for such projects and be sure that we would guide you in the best way for such choices.

We offer a variety of choices

By virtue of being the best stonemason in Sydney, we are able to offer you a wide array of gravestone shapes to choose from, such as the following:

  • Flats
  • Uprights
  • Slants
  • Specials

We also offer our clients engraving services. Through this, you can engrave the memorial stone of your dearly departed in any way you wish to. 

Thus, allowing you to permanently leave behind anything like the following-

  • Words
  • Carvings
  • Images
  • Photos
  • Letters

We offer a novel service

Our headstone design online service is unique, in the truest sense of the word. With such a service, we let you maintain your privacy, as you create the very kind of headstone that you want. This allows you to work at your own pace. When you design a customised headstone online in this way, you can be sure that you would be saving a lot of time as well. 

Why are headstones so important?

As the leading stonemason in Sydney, we know headstones do a lot more than mark out a person’s grave. A lot of people consider these monuments as a tribute to the people they loved in life. There are so many ways in which you can design your headstone – you can include quotes, biographic information, and pictures in the same. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you would like. Sometimes, individuals may want them to be truly extraordinary as well. There is no one right way in which you can go about the design.

We let you have complete control

We can also work with you in case you want to have complete control over how people remember you after you are no longer there with them physically. We let you design your own headstone, and this includes every aspect of the memorial at your final resting place. We can help you with whatever you want – headstones, personalised memorials, and grave markers. 

We offer our clients a 100% guarantee on our workOur headstone design online services are highly sought in the region. Therefore, you can always trust us to provide you a high-quality, beautiful product. We are masters in all aspects of such work, with a focus on being as innovative and creative as we can be for such projects. We also offer you complete guarantee that once you entrust us with building your memorial or one for your near and dear one, nothing will go wrong.



We can help you select a monument for your loved ones. The content and design of every memorial is unique and customised to your needs.
Restoration & re-lettering service

Renovations & Re-lettering

We can perform work on existing monuments, including adding a new inscription. Our quality workmanship allows us to renovate or restore a monument.


Customise your monument by selecting from a range of high quality accessories including crosses, vases, hearts and books.

Olympia Marble – the best grave monuments in Sydney

Are you looking for the best grave monuments near Sydney? If so, you should be coming to us at Olympia Marble. We understand that selecting grave monuments can a tough decision. It is also an incredibly personal decision to choose a gravestone nearby. As a leading organisation in this regard, we offer you a wide range of products to choose from. We are the best when it comes to gravestones and other memorials. Apart from the catalogue of products that you can see on our website we can also make customised memorials for you.


The team at Olympia Marble were very understanding, respectful, responsive, professional and caring. In short, they were a pleasure to deal with during a most difficult and sensitive time of arranging my late father’s monument.

Catherine Liberty

They are a great bunch of people to deal with, very sensitive in our times of struggle, delivered when promised, workmenship is fantastic. I highly recommend the team at Olympia.

Robert Daoud

I would like to thank Michael and the team for doing a great job - these guys are truly the experts and were great at communicating and accommodating potential delays. Thanks again, would have no hesitation in recommending the team for any headstone work.


Would like to say a big thank you to Michael and team for great craftsmanship and service. The job was completed at highest standard and the Olympia team went above and beyond to finish on time. Highly recommend, the professionalism and service is exceptional.

Branislav Miladinovic

The service and workmanship we received were outstanding. The entire process was simple and all the staff from initial contact at the office through to design, drawings, production and installation by the groundsmen were faultless.


Excellent service! You have done what you have promised! You really know your business.. Keep up the good work!

Betty Statiri

Excellent craftmanship and very good pricing. Thank you guys!

Matt Downes

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