Burial with lawn monuments is still one of the most wonderful and common grave options as a long long-lasting tribute to your dear one. At Olympia Marble, we have a dedicated team that you can consult on each aspect of lawn monuments, whether it is a regular yard grave with plaques and headstones to more elaborate structures.

We represent considerable authority in grass burial ground tombstones and only use quality materials to ensure that we make a timeless memorial to your dear one. We work in a wide range of structural necessities, hues, surfaces, and sizes while making these gravestones. Our work is fully compliant with relevant standards and guidelines regarding in ground burials and memorials across Australia, and we are confident that our lawn monuments will bring people peace in their grief.

We endeavour to make in-ground gravestones according to the needs of each customer. It makes no difference to us whether you’d like a simple 3-tier stone headstone, a full Chinese lawn monument, a customised guitar monument or a conventional stone monument with flowers to demonstrate your love for your beloved one; we have the experience and skills to handle a wide range of lawn monuments and headstones.

At Olympia Marble, our lawn monuments are carefully placed, and consider the neighboring gravesites and demeanor. These graves are flawlessly spaced as they are arranged inside garden beds to give incredible security to reflection and solitude. Lawn monuments offer high adaptability as single, double, and triple positions for a monument creation. Memorial landmarks which are constructed for garden burial grounds ordinarily include stone tombstones with flower accents and cut single pieces.

At Olympia Marble, we pursue this common methodology while giving you additional customised options as well. Denoting a garden graveyard with a customised plaque is likewise a simple and dignified approach to respect a burial. The choices of plaque for yard graveyards are contingent on whether bronze or stone plaques are chosen as well as the area of internment.

Our highly experienced team in Sydney will make suggestions on each possible option and provide assistance along the way to allow for either an enduring single or twofold garden gravestone. From individual engravings and gold leaf lettering to religious or extraordinary fine art, all grass landmarks will be done and customised to your exact wishes.