With respect to our customers tradition we can supply them with many accessories for the monuments of their loved ones. Whether it is of utilitarian status like the Orthodox tradition that requires a kandelli box for oil or candles to be burnt, or of decorative status like a bronze cross that decorates many Christian monuments, we have a wide range of options that are suitable for the individual needs of our customers.

Olympia Marble Pty Ltd stocks a wide range of grave accessories that include plaques, ornaments, granite books, vases, and hearts. In addition, you can also add a personal message in engraving on the eve of some special occasion or memory. As well relied upon stone masons, we are often looked to as a one-stop destination for all gravestones and grave accessories. 

What to Expect from Us?

The memories that we make are important and often live on much longer than we do in this life. While we can’t bring back the one that you have lost, we can help you create a memorial to help their memory live on forever. Our custom small grave accessories often bring peace, by bringing a sense of dignity and completion to the grave site. It also helps fulfil religious requirements. Through this service, we offer our customers a chance to design something that is special all on its own. 

Many people trust us with creating their grave accessories, for the following reasons:

  • You are always able to get the item of your choosing. We maintain a huge stock of different items that are exclusive to our company in terms of colours and size. So that we can meet your requirements.
  • You can be assured of getting a product that is unmatched in quality. We deal with some of the finest quality marble and granite in making these accessories.
  • Using the topmost quality raw materials like granite, marble brings our clients peace of mind, with their shine, durability, and finish.

Grave Accessories we Deal With

At Olympia Marble Pty Ltd, you can explore a wide range of options to choose from to honour your loved one. Many of our clients are comforted that they can customise the grave accessory to meet special requisites they have in mind to personally honour their departed. 

We deal with almost all commonly demanded grave accessories, such as:

  • Memorial Plaques
  • Memorial Hearts
  • Memorial Vases
  • Granite Books

Why Choose Olympia Marble Pty Ltd?

Amidst so many experienced stonemasons in the city, we have evolved over the span of almost thirty years as adept stonemasons catering to all different kinds of designer grave accessories. We use the latest technology and technological innovations to ensure that you get monuments with precise minutest attention to detail. Our evolution has been from traditional hammer and chisel to specialised printers and spider cranes and much more.

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