Olympia Marble builds monuments and memorials for diverse cultures. We understand choosing a memorial and monument can be an extremely overwhelming experience for those who have lost their loved ones. We also build traditional Chinese monuments which are known for their intricate designs and special markings and symbols.

A Chinese monument pays tributes with symbols to that depict various aspects of life. The Chinese monument can have various Chinese grave symbols which depict the lifecycle, cultural values and virtues.

We offer various designs for Chinese monuments, depending on the cemetery rules. We also inscribe Chinese lettering on the monument in an authentic manner. Chinese characters and symbols are an integral part of a Chinese monument and these are prominently featured by the workmanship of artisans at Olympia Marble.

We build a Chinese monument which has a distinct style and structure and we are confident that it will move you with its beauty and be a fitting tribute to your loved family member. Our friendly staff at Olympia Marble can help you during this troubling time to choose the best headstone, structure, gravestone for an appropriate Chinese monument.

We also provide customised service to build a Chinese monument as per your requirement. We customise lettering, headstone shape, structure design, incorporate desired Chinese symbols and much more. The customised Chinese monument that we build as a dedication from your family to your loved ones will make you proud. Utmost attention is given to the rules of the cemetery and cultural norms while designing and building memorials and monuments at Olympia Marble.

All our monuments and memorials comply with Australian standards and will not offend any religious sentiments. We take great care while building a headstone, lawn memorial or garden memorial. Even the tiniest aspect such as type of rock, slab, finishes are given top priority at Olympia Marble. Attention to detail and constant endeavour to provide the best customer service makes us one of the best in this industry.

We are respectful of your loss and you will receive respectful and customer-friendly service. We will work with you to understand your exact requirements for a unique Chinese monument. A monument is a great idea to cherish the memories of your loved ones throughout the ages. The monuments designed by our experts are a perfect blend of designs, aesthetic values, and cultural traditions. We respect cultural and religious, regulations as well as the rules of the cemetery while erecting a monument.

We help you build various types of memorial and monuments. We specialise in Tombstones, Headstones, Lawn memorials, Single Monuments, Double monuments etc. We also provide on-site maintenance for the monument. Olympia Marble also lets you customise the memorial or monument and can provide a wide range of accessories such as hearts, books, crosses and much more.