Olympia Marble helps you to dedicate the finest marble monuments in the memory of your loved ones. We understand that building a memorial can be a very overwhelming experience. Therefore, our team of experts guides you throughout the process right from selecting headstone marble, the gravestone monument to selecting the right accessories for the memorial. The headstone marble for the monument is picked by our team of experts. We take utmost care to ensure all our products, design and structure are in accordance with religious norms and cemetery rules.We are completely respectful of the religious sentiments and emotions associated with them.

We also provide customised and tailor-made designs for marble monuments as well as headstone marble. We have a large variety of headstone marble shapes that can be used for the marble monument. We are known for affordable headstone prices and unique structures. We make sure to understand all your requirements and offer the best possible monuments and gravestones accordingly. The monuments and gravestones we supply comply with cemetery norms and the diversity of Australian cultures.

The monument prices at Olympia Marble are very reasonable. Our contestant endeavour at Olympia Marble is to provide optimum marble monuments, gravestones and grave monuments to our valued customers. Our monument prices depend on the choice of structure, design and marble quality as well as additional engravings. We believe in using superior quality marble for the monuments, headstones and gravestones. The headstone prices at Olympia Marble are reasonable compared with local stonemasons in this field.

We are known for our:

  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Commitment for best quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customised and flexible designs, shapes and structures
  • Unique marble monuments, headstones and gravestones.

Olympia Marble is the specialist in engraving and inscribing symbols and letters on marble monuments. We use cutting edge technology and advanced techniques for neat and clean engraving.

We also undertake the restoration of marble monuments. We provide complete assistance to our customers in choosing appropriate words, symbols and letters for the memorial. The experience of over 20 years in this industry along with technical expertise makes us unique and one of the most reliable monument masons in Australia. We are dedicated to always providing the best service.

We recommend choosing marble for your gravestone monuments as marble will not chip easily and are timeless. Our headstone marble requires minimum maintenance. They do not erode easily or cause any sort of structural damage to the monument. The sheen and luster of the marble remains the same over time and does not wear off easily.

At Olympia Marble, we use the best blend of conventional techniques and modern designs. The lettering and renovations in the marble monument are done with utmost precision. Every element is discussed in detail before commencing the monument work. We provide a comprehensive monument service. You can also customise your monument with our range of accessories. You can opt for accessories such as books, vases, hearts, crosses etc. for marble monuments or gravestone monuments. Get in touch now!