Tips for Building Cemetery Memorials or Headstones

Building a monument or memorial for the first time? Our experienced monumental masons can assist you in all aspects of the process at this difficult and often emotional time. We have compiled some handy tips that can assist you in choosing a memorial.

Here are some pointers that will help you in choosing the memorial headstone of your liking.

  • Visit a headstone gallery. You will be able to see the various designs and style that appeals to you.
  • Always pick a quality granite, bearing in mind that it is designed to be around for a very long time.
  • If you have questions, always consult your mason or someone who an expert in cemetery memorials and headstones is.
  • Research as much as you can about memorial headstone prices and always ask for itemized quotes.

Keeping in mind these things will help you pick the best headstone.

Materials Used
There are four commonly used materials for cemetery memorials and headstones are:

  • Granite is the best material for headstones
  • Marble,
  • Sandstone, and
  • Limestones

Granite comes in a range of colours and designs and compared with other stone it is extremely durable. But when it comes to memorial headstone prices, granite can be a little expensive since it offers wonderful features of easy maintenance and longer durability. However, in the long run it is cheaper as it will not:

  • crack or break
  • cause structural damage to the memorial monument.
  • erode the headstone
  • fade.

That’s why you must never settle for cheap granite ever. It will cost you even more in the long run.

How to Choose A Design?

A diverse mix of traditions and culture coexist in any given region. Each of them has a unique feel to it and have different traditions, styles and symbols. The monumental mason should be aware of all of them. Here is how you can pick a design for the headstone:

You can visit websites that offer such services and check the designs they have to offer. Pick the design you like and don’t forget to enquire about the memorial headstone prices.

If you have a mason, ask him if they know a factory where you can look at the designs. The best part is, you will get some expert advice as well that will help you pick the best headstones.

Your mason can help you look at the designs in the cemetery as well to get you an idea of how the designs will look, especially after some time.

These are certain things you must keep in mind while picking the headstones. You can get a long-lasting one with the style and design you want. In case of any doubts, always consult your mason or an expert.