A beautiful tombstone or headstone is a permanent way to honor your loved ones and so it must be selected with great care. There are a lot of factors that should be considered while choosing the right one such as the tombstone prices, quality, style, designs, inscriptions, etc. Here, we will take you through a brief process of choosing the perfect tombstone with unique tombstone designs.


Unique tombstone designs are one thing that people often look for. You can separate tombstone and headstone into three categories:

  • Upright headstones
  • Flat headstones, and
  • Kerbed headstone

If you want the most traditional one, you can go for the upright headstones. Usually, it is supported by a thick base of concrete and stands 45 inches tall approximately. If you are looking for variety, flat headstones are a good choice. They come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes. You can lay them flat or slightly angled. Kerbed headstones lie flat across the ground and are of full-length design.

They are often used along with the upright headstones. Your personal preference and tombstone prices often affect which ones you choose. Some cemeteries have rules about the kind of headstones you can place on the grave. So, make sure the design you have picked meets their requirements.


  • Tombstone headstones come in a variety of materials.
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Bronze, and
  • Limestone

Granite is the most adaptable and flexible material. It lasts long and is manufactured in various colours and finished. Marble comes in incredible finishes, but it lacks in strength and doesn’t often last long and it is a reason why some cemeteries do not allow marble tombstones. Bronze is extremely expensive and extremely durable but is not permitted in every cemetery. Limestone is the most popular option, is traditional and changes a lot over time.


Here are some finishes for the unique tombstone designs.

  • Polished
  • Part-polished
  • Eggshell or honed, and
  • Pitched

A polished tombstone gives you a shiny and smooth finish but needs a lot of maintenance. Also, if you are planning on putting it up in an older graveyard, it might look a little out of place. If you just want to highlight a certain part of the headstone or tombstone, like the engraving, only that part is polished. The rest is given a different finish. The honed finish looks smooth, but it isn’t shiny like the polished one.

To achieve that look, a layer of polished stone is removed from the headstone. The pitched finish makes the headstone look aged so that it will fit in the older and more traditional churchyards.

Usually the deceased leave instructions about what they want to be inscribed on their headstones. However, if this isn’t the case, you must pick something that is personal and captures something vital about the deceased and their life. Often people either pick religious text or poetry that has given them peace during their time of bereavement.

Think long and hard about what kind of tombstone you want and what it will cost you. And carefully consider the inscription because it is an integral part of the tombstone.