We take huge pride in serving the Australian Macedonian Community. Olympia Marble is a well-known quality Macedonian monuments company in Australia, where we are serving our Macedonian customers over many years. Olympia Marble has a strong reputation of building quality Macedonian monuments in your garden.

If you also would be interested in building Macedonian monuments in your backyard or anywhere else then feel free to contact us. We have a team of expert monument builders who are well-trained to take instructions from customers according to their needs. We can also help you to find a suitable place to build the monuments, choose the colour, size, shape and any other things you want to include – we can help with everything.

There are various symbols available in the market, and if you want it to be finished soon and with accuracy, then you can contact us immediately. We represent considerable authority in grass burial ground tombstones and we only use high quality materials to ensure that we make a timeless memorial to your beloved. You can either leave the planning to our stonemasons, or we welcome your contribution regarding the style and placement of your Macedonian monument.

All our work is fully compliant with safety standards and cemetery regulations. At Olympia Marble, we are respectful of the needs for sensitive placements of each lawn monument regarding the overall placement of neighbouring graves and tombstones.

Our highly experienced team in Sydney will make suggestions on each possible option and provide assistance along the way to allow for either an enduring single or twofold garden gravestone. From individual engravings and gold leaf lettering to religious or extraordinary fine art, all grass landmarks will be done and customised to your exact wishes. Feel free to contact us on our given contact number!