Single grave monuments make an everlasting look over a friend or family member’s last resting place. These dedications are focused over a single grave and imprint the grave with power. Gravestones can incorporate lettering and seals to coordinate footstones or seats and can be shading coordinated too.

Before proceeding with any commission, we at Olympia Marble will check whether your cemetery allows vertical standing memorials Assuming this is the case, which styles, hues, sizes, and situations to erect a monument are adequate. The following are only a couple of tests to give you an idea of potential outcomes.

Single grave monuments from Olympia Marble are an upstanding rock landmark intended for one individual that will be introduced on a stone base. We have numerous plans and hues to look over. Our cost incorporates the etching of the adored one’s name, dates, and one extra line of content gave it will fit on your marker with the structure you pick. Single monuments are produced using stone considering its solidness. Rock graveyard dedications additionally called gravestones, headstones, or upstanding grave markers, are included in upstanding engraved stone sitting on a coordinating base. They can be any size as well as made for an individual.

We guarantee to give caring, attentive service at a reasonable cost. For over a century, our craftsmen have molded delightful and classy landmarks planned extraordinarily for every individual they memorialise. We tune in to your needs and help you in making the dedication that you want. We help you in making the one tribute that will be seen by ages for a long time to come.

Olympia Marble is committed to the service of our locale, offering empathetic help in helping families respect their friends and family. When manufacturing high quality memorials, our group makes bits of artistry displaying aspects of your loved one’s personality or history.

Organisations and Communities of Veterans such as the RSL look to Olympia Marble for direction, knowledge, and special structures to honor individuals who have served in wars defending Australia. We take extraordinary consideration in creating and building remembrances in Australia that are intended to pay tribute and recall the individuals who have been enrolled in the military. We have special ranges of designs and accessories that memorialise their service. Our group of devoted specialists can help you in respecting your dear one. We are always available here to help you.